Sunday, September 9, 2012

Attack of the Alien Jump Standard

As usual, I have several post topics floating around in the conceptual stage. And, as usual, I've had no time to sit down and bring them to fruition. So I thought maybe I'd put up something quick and light.

In my "about me", I say that Poppy does something (usually more than one thing) every day that makes me laugh. Here is a video I took this morning giving a sample of what it's like to experience life with her. I had moved the jumps over to the side of the yard earlier in the morning to open up the yard in case the dogs wanted to chase each other around (as indeed the girls did). One side of a jump standard became separated from its mate and fell over on its side. Hours later, Poppy suddenly noticed this and decided it was strange and that jump standard had evil intentions and by golly, she was going to do something to keep it at bay! She's crazy. But she keeps me laughing. I love her -- even when she slips over the border into insanity.

Also, I finally got around to making up a "name" sign for Hokey. She seems to like what I came up with. Here I am teaching it to her.

And, not to be left out, here's a pretty picture of Ollie with my neighbor's flowers in the background. I don't get to have nice things in my own yard.

Hokey rode a skateboard for the first time at her lesson yesterday. She loved it! I have a skateboard that I bought for Ollie a few years ago. I'll have to get it out and dust it off so they can both ride and I can get some video. Yet another blog post idea that may or may not be actualized.

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