Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Extension & Collection: A Photo Study

As I've been editing videos for my next post (which I hope to get up tomorrow night), I thought it would be interesting to analyze the different responses Hokey has when reading my cues telling her to jump with either extension or collection.

First extension:

Exiting tunnel at full speed
Approaching jump at full extended run

Preparing for take off at full run. Hind legs extended in front of forelegs.

Pushing off fully extended

Lift off with hind legs fully extended

Extension over jump. Tail and rear legs extended.

More extension over jump

Landing. Looking forward.

Landing. Hind legs coming forward.

Landing Complete. Rear legs again coming in front of forelegs to push off into full run.

Then, jumping with collection:

Exiting tunnel at full run, as before

Responding to my collection cue by starting to check her stride. Notice how the back legs are not as far forward as when she is approaching in extension

Preparing for take off with collection. Shifting weight to hind end.

Take off with collection

Starting to turn. Notice the hind legs are much more tucked than when she jumps with extension. The tail comes down to help her steer into the turn.

Landing under collection while turning

Landing complete. Following through to complete turn.

Rear tucked in tight turn

Turn complete. Notice position of hind legs, collected under body with weight shifted onto them.
One more look at jumping with collection from another angle:
Approaching extended, but just preparing to check stride

Checking stride on approach

Checking stride again, preparing for take off

Starting to take off with collection. Notice the position of the rear legs and how her weight is shifted back.

A collected take off. Starting to turn.

Collected and turning in the air. Notice how the rear legs are tucked and the tail is down.

Following through with a tight, collected turn in the air.

Landed and completing turn on the ground.

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